Leasing a Property

Conveyancing for Leasing a property

Property lease provides you with the legal right to occupy premises and protects both you and the landlord by setting out all the agreed terms of tenancy.

As Landlord


Leasing a propertyResidential Tenancy Agreements are usually prepared by the agent or landlord if a managing agent has not been appointed. Residential Tenancy Agreement Kits can be purchased from most Newsagents.

Boyd Conveyancing Services is happy to prepare a Tenancy Agreement on your behalf and organise for forms to be completed in relation to the Rental Bond. We will give you advice regarding the terms of the tenancy agreement. We also highly recommend that you obtain Landlord Insurance.

Note that we will not manage the property on your behalf. See our NSW Conveyancing Services Fee Schedule for costs involved.


It is important to note that Commercial Property Lease in NSW the tenant pays for their own legal costs together with the Lessors reasonable legal costs in preparation of the Lease. However, under the Retail Leases Act the Lessor cannot seek payment for legal costs incurred in preparing the Lease.

Boyd Conveyancing Services will be able to advise you as to whether the property falls within the Retail Leases Act or whether the lease would be a Commercial Lease.

Boyd Conveyancing Services guarantees to draft a Lease for your approval within a day of receiving your instructions.

Once the Lease has been approved by you, it will be submitted to the tenant or their representative for their approval and execution.

It is also important to note that if a Retail lease is required, a Lessor Disclosure Statement must be forwarded to the tenant 7 days prior to the Lease being signed. The disclosure statement includes information such as property description, area of the property and main terms of the Lease.

Please note that a lease for a property in NSW that exceeds three years (including any option to renew) must be registered at the Land Titles Office. Boyd Conveyancing Services will provide you with more details if this is the case.

See our NSW Conveyancing Fee Schedule

As Tenant


A tenant usually does not obtain legal advice in relation to a tenancy agreement in NSW.

However, Boyd Conveyancing Services is happy to provide advice on the agreement should you so wish and to submit the Tenancy Agreement on your behalf to the Landlord or managing agent.

See NSW Conveyancing Fee Schedule for our fees.


A Commercial Property Lease in NSW should be prepared and submitted by the Landlord for your approval and execution.

Boyd Conveyancing Services will advise you in relation to the terms of the lease and negotiate any terms on your behalf.

Once the Lease has been amended, if required, you will need to sign the Lease.

Boyd Conveyancing Services will also remind you once the Lease is coming up for renewal so that you do not miss out on taking up the Lease for a further period.

See NSW Conveyancing Services Fee Schedule for our service fees.

If you have any enquiries regarding Property Leasing, please contact Boyd Conveyancing Services.

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